GROW Your Retrospectives

Question: I have been assigned as the PO to a non-development scrum team for product marketing. After one week of work, we have delivered only 2 banner ads from a team of 10 people. The problem seems to be the process of approvals, reviews, kickoffs, briefs, tickets etc that need to happen in order to […]
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Coaching Questions With GROW

My previous article covered the GROW coaching model. This article builds on that by adding coaching questions. Questions are a powerful tool a coach uses to help the client find their own way forward. While the coach can provide information and guidance, a key element of coaching is supporting the client in solving their own […]
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GROW Coaching Model

Agile coaches often encounter clients that are stuck. They know what they are doing isn’t working, yet they can’t find their way out of the dysfunctional cycle. At least, not alone. The coach’s job is to help their client: gain deeper understanding of their situation create a vision for a better future identify obstacles & […]
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Online Office Hours With Chris, And More!

The COVID-19 situation has brought many changes and challenges. Every change creates new possibilities for something good. For Agile Learning Labs, it gives us the opportunity to connect with our community in new ways. Online Meetups We are moving our MeetUp group online. The Scrum Professionals MeetUp group is going to resume our regular schedule […]
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An Abridged History Of Scrum

I spend my working days helping companies effectively use Scrum and other agile practices to create healthier working environments and increased business value. Today, I found myself reflecting on the path that led here. Below is an abbreviated timeline of events in the evolution of Scrum. I’ve included a few bits of my journey with […]
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Agile Conference List 2020

Graduates of our workshops often ask how they can continue their journey of learning about scrum, and earn some Scrum Educational Units (SEUs). Attending conferences is a great way to accomplish these goals. Here is a list of conferences that you might consider attending in 2020. I’m sure we’ve missed some good ones, so point […]
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Daily Scrum

The daily scrum is the event where the development team inspects and adapts their work plan in order to make the most progress possible towards their sprint goal each day. It is one of the most misunderstood events in the scrum framework, and often implemented ineffectively. By understanding the purpose of the event, your team […]
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Don’t Change Estimates During Sprint Planning

I encounter scrum teams changing, or worse, creating, story estimates during their sprint planning meeting. This slows down the meeting and it undermines the whole purpose of estimation: predictability. Predictability is knowing what the business will get and when. Stakeholders might ask the team: “Can we get these features by the end of the year?” […]
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Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is the very cleverly named event (meeting) where the whole scrum team creates their plan for the sprint. The outputs from sprint planning are: the sprint goal, the forecast of which product backlog items will be delivered, and the team’s work plan. Timing Of Sprint Planning Sprint planning is held at the very […]
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Role Of Managers In Large-Scale Scrum

A client who is basing their scrum adoption on the LeSS scaling framework recently sent me the following question about the role of manager in Large-Scale Scrum. Question I’ve read that when scaling scrum with LeSS, cross-functional teams need to have one manager. The author advocated strongly for this, but in reality, I’ve seen this […]
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