“Embrace change to add more value!” and other “aha!”s

Every time we run an Agile Project Management class we tweak it slightly, based on what we've learned in the last one. Inspect and adapt, as they say… err, I mean, as we say. One thing we noticed happening over an intensive two days period is that people tended to generate many more insights than […]
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Dogs learn agility with tennis balls; so do we

The very first exercise of our two day Agile Project Management class on Monday taught me a few things about optimization. It's a ball passing game, where the group is tasked with devising a system for passing balls around such that every ball is touched by each person, and has "air time" in between–ie, it's […]
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Agile Games Par-tay! Yes siree…

Think we don't know how to have fun here at Technical Management Institute Agile Learning Labs? Oh yes, we do! We're throwing a wild party on Wednesday, April 29th at Ristretto Roasters in Portland, OR with our pal and test obsessed training partner Elisabeth Hendrickson of Quality Tree Software. It's a warm-up for our day-long […]
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There’s still room in monday’s public class on Agile Project Management

Chris and I are at Disney World for a few days of R&R after hosting the Open Space at the Orlando Scrum Gathering, but the park will have to be pretty supercalifragilistic to compare to the conference, which was wonderful. So much engagement–250 people there, and yet it felt intimate. I left feeling I had […]
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Is there such a thing as Agile Project Management? Gosh we hope so…

… because Chris is leading a day-long public workshop on Agile Project Management on March 23rd, at the SD Forum offices in San Jose. The question, however, is one being hotly debated between Australian PM guru Pat Weaver and assorted commenters on his blog, in a post titled Agile is NOT a Project Management Methodology. […]
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Chris is on the Cranky Middle Manager Show talking about Agile

If you want to hear Chris explain agile in layman's terms, have a listen to this episode of the Cranky Middle Manger Show, where Chris is the featured guest. The show is hosted by our friend, Wayne Turmel, who is jovially cranky in a way that only a stand-up comic-turned-management trainer can be. We did […]
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Management 2.0 – Becoming the kind of leader you would follow

I have teamed up with Wayne Turmel, host of The Cranky Middle Manager Show, to create a 2-day workshop to help you move beyond being ‘good at your job’ to helping others excel at theirs. When we take this show on the road in 2009 the price will be $1,000 a seat, but we are […]
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Agile Project Management Class Full

Greetings, The June 17th Agile Project Management workshop is full. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest! Cheers, Chris
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Agile Project Management Workshop

On June 17th, the Technical Management Institute, Effective Training Associates, and the IEEE are teaming up to put on an agile project management workshop. The workshop will be held in Palo Alto and is open to the public, but admission is limited to the first 12 registrants. The proceeds will benefit the Silicon Valley IEEE. […]
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P-Camp – Agile 101

I spent yesterday at p-camp, an unconference for agile product managers. The event was hosted at Yahoo! and put on by the folks at Enthiosys. I led two sessions: Agile 101, and Why do Agile Projects Succeed (or Fail)? This post is about the Agile 101 session. Watch for future posts about my other session, […]
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