Agile Games at Agile Open Southern California

Our very own Laura Powers recently participated in Agile Open Southern California, where she was interviewed by Scott Dunn. Laura talks about the power of games to help executives understand the changes they need to make in order for their organizations to become more agile. The video was put together by Cliff Rosa of Rosa […]
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Dixit Sprint Retrospective Game

I was inspired to create a retrospective game for agile teams, based on the game Dixit. Dixit is a game that makes use of picture cards. Each of these cards has an unusual drawing on it. The Agile Learning Labs team used it recently in one of our sprint retrospectives and it worked well. Give […]
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How to play the Team Estimation Game

The Team Estimation Game is the best technique we have found to get a scrum team up-and-running with useful estimates. It plays like a game, but it accomplishes valuable work: assigning story point estimates to user stories. Teams using this technique are typically able to estimate 20 to 60 stories in an hour. The game […]
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Can agile games save the world?

One of the sessions I regret missing at Agile Open Northwest is one that was titled simply Agile Congress, the session notes for which begin with, “You have just been appointed the first scrum master of the United States House of Representatives…” Well, why not? As it turns out, the City of San Jose is […]
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Self-Organizing Ball Game at Agile Open Northwest

Agile Open Northwest kicked off this morning, and the whole Agile Learning Labs crew is here. Chris hosted a session called “An Experiential Intro to Agile” in the first time slot. Sixteen folks new to agile gathered and we quickly discovered a common theme: participants were about to join agile teams, but didn’t know what […]
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What Does Your Team Need? Girl Power!

By Hillary Johnson Last weekend, Chris and I attended a marvelous event called Dare 2B Digital, aimed at addressing the gender gap in computer science careers, and at which 7th through 10th grade girls got to play at writing code, crafting business plans, and other techie things. We held a session called "Teamstorming," leading a […]
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Learning Games in InfoQ

Deborah Hartman has just published an article on InfoQ called Teaching Games – Fun or Serious Business? Hint–the answer is: both. The article is chock-full of good links, including one to our own course, Creating Agile Games for Coaches and Consultants, which Chris co-created with Elisabeth Hendrickson.
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Fun & Games & Aha moments at the Bay APLN

A couple of weeks ago, Chris was the guest speaker at the Bay Area Agile Project Leadership Network's monthly meeting. It was an evening of game-playing and simulations. One of the most popular is a simple game that takes under five minutes to play, but always blows the tops of people's heads off by demonstrating […]
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Fun & Games: Some upcoming events in SF & the North Bay

Children learn best by playing games, and guess what? Adults do too. No reason your agile practice should be a plodding, dreary affair with all the elan of a queue at the parking violations bureau. Lighten up and have some fun–it'll make you smarter. Chris will be leading a raucous meeting of the BayAPLN in […]
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Dogs learn agility with tennis balls; so do we

The very first exercise of our two day Agile Project Management class on Monday taught me a few things about optimization. It's a ball passing game, where the group is tasked with devising a system for passing balls around such that every ball is touched by each person, and has "air time" in between–ie, it's […]
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