R.I.P. Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, famous for his Last Lecture, amoung other things, has passed away. He would probably like to be rememberd through donations made to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.
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InfoQ Made Me Famous!!

No sooner had I discovered that I’m on YouTube, than I find out that InfoQ has published a short blurb on user stories that I wrote. My phone is ringing; could it be Hollywood calling. Update (6/22/08) The story inspired a long discussion on the Scrum Development Yahoo group.
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Long Live Lucky Oliver

On Wednesday, I’m doing a presentation on doing presentations. One of the little gems that I was looking forward to passing on was Lucky Oliver. It has been my favorite source for images for presentations and the web. The quality and variety of the images has been consistently great, and the prices were more than […]
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Joel On Software Stuff

I just read this rambling interview with Joel Spolsky, over at ACM Queue. He mentions the early days of Joel on Software, even before he started Fog Creek Software. Back then he had a bit more time for writing, and created some essays that I still consider required reading. Examples include: Command and Conquer Management […]
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Earth-like Planet Discovered

Average temperature ranges from 32 to 104 Fahrenheit.  It has about twice the surface area and twice the gravity of earth, and it celebrates New Year’s Day once every 13 earth days.  As soon as we can travel at the speed of light, trips to the planet, located in the constellation Libra, will only take […]
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