ScrumMaster Shirt

Our friend Tami Blake, and her husband Larry, just designed this. If you want it on a shirt, you can get it at their Zazzle site. Fun!
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Our First Video Lecture!

OK, this isn’t really from the Technical Management Institute (now Agile Learning Labs), but I think it sets a high bar for computer-based learning. Cheers, Chris
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Dear XP

I’m very enthusiastic about agile software development. I have a special place in my heart for eXtreme Programming (XP), which was where I started with agile. That said, I don’t have anything on these guys.
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Gettysburg Slides

For those of you who couldn’t be there, here are Abe‘s Powerpoint slides.
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I occasionally still get calls to do software development. Recently, a potential client indicated that they would like a Windows shell extension created in C#. I’ve never built a shell extension, nor done any C#. Before meeting with the client, I decided I should take an hour or two to see how hard it would […]
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The New Bubble

I didn’t think that the recent surge in activity here in the Silicon Valley was another bubble, until I saw this… Update: The video was removed from YouTube under a DMCA takedown order. Details can be found here. Valleywag still has it available here.
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Dilbert on Efficient Meetings

Is the Dilbert approach to efficient meetings better than mine? I have no opinion to share.
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Office Supplies for the Analog Workplace

Hamster-powered paper shredder, via Curbly. 
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