Agile in Context

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin Just about everyone agrees that being “adaptable to change” is important. At the same time, many people believe that we’re entering an age of acceleration. The […]
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What Does Your Team Need? Girl Power!

By Hillary Johnson Last weekend, Chris and I attended a marvelous event called Dare 2B Digital, aimed at addressing the gender gap in computer science careers, and at which 7th through 10th grade girls got to play at writing code, crafting business plans, and other techie things. We held a session called "Teamstorming," leading a […]
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Chris is on the Cranky Middle Manager Show talking about Agile

If you want to hear Chris explain agile in layman's terms, have a listen to this episode of the Cranky Middle Manger Show, where Chris is the featured guest. The show is hosted by our friend, Wayne Turmel, who is jovially cranky in a way that only a stand-up comic-turned-management trainer can be. We did […]
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Presentation Tips and Tricks

At the April meeting of the Bay Area Engineering Managers Support Group, I did a presentation on doing presentations. Here are the slides. You might also want to check out these past posts about presenting. Cheers, Chris
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Long Live Lucky Oliver

On Wednesday, I’m doing a presentation on doing presentations. One of the little gems that I was looking forward to passing on was Lucky Oliver. It has been my favorite source for images for presentations and the web. The quality and variety of the images has been consistently great, and the prices were more than […]
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Technical Management Events and Such

Greetings! I’m back home, in the San Francisco Bay Area, after a couple of weeks on the road. I went to Chicago for the Scrum Gathering, where I presented Agile 101, and What Makes Agile Projects Succeed (or Fail)? I also facilitated a couple of open space sessions. Notes from one of those, Let’s Practice […]
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Gettysburg Slides

For those of you who couldn’t be there, here are Abe‘s Powerpoint slides.
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Joel on Software… Demos

Joel has a good post on doing software demos. High points include: Tell stories! ‘Accidentally’ bump into all the nice little “fit and finish” features of your product If you really want to get serious about doing a great sales demo, check out Peter Cohan.
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Practice Practice! Practice!!

This coming Tuesday, I’ll be facilitating the first meeting of the Bay Area Agile Managers Support Group. The event will start off with a short workshop focused on one of the key criteria for having successful meetings. Today was the day I practiced the workshop with a live studio audience. Overall, it went well, but […]
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Presentation Time

Managers, as well as engineers, are occasionally called on to give presentations. Preparation and practice are the biggest ingredients in a successful presentation. You don’t want the big day to be the first time you’ve given the presentation. Practice out loud, first by yourself and then in front of some friends or colleagues who can […]
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