Should Engineers Take Scrum Product Owner Training?

I was recently asked if engineers or other members of the scrum team would get value from a Certified Scrum Product Owner workshop. Our Certified Scrum Product Owner workshops are designed to build knowledge and skill in three main areas: How scrum works and how to use it effectively How to build shared understanding of […]
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Stabilization Sprints and Velocity

Here is a question that just showed up in my in-box regarding how to calculate a scrum team’s velocity when they are doing stabilization sprints. This notion of stabilization sprints has become more popular lately, as they are included in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). Question We do a 2-week stabilization sprint every 4th sprint where […]
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Excuse me – are you sprint ready?

A common complaint I hear from scrum teams is: we didn’t finish all the stories we committed to deliver in the sprint. While there are many reasons for this – one often-overlooked one is: The user stories were not ready to enter the sprint in the first place. The solution is for the scrum team […]
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Should Management Use Velocity as a Metric?

Many well-intentioned managers have a fundamental misunderstanding about velocity. They think it is a measure of how hard the scrum team is working. That’s not what it is at all. Velocity is a measure of the rate at which the team is delivering stories. If the team worked long and hard on 5 stories but […]
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A Scrum Master’s Perspective on Story Point Accounting

Recently, I answered a question about how to do the story point accounting when a user story spans multiple sprints. The scrum team had several user stories that were started in sprint one, but completed in sprint two. Since velocity is a measure of the rate at which the team is delivering stories, we found […]
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Story Point Accounting Across Sprints

I recently received the following question, asking about how to account for the story points of stories that are started in one sprint but completed in a later sprint. There are some interesting things to consider here about the user stories, the scrum team, the product owner and the scrum master. I suspect the answer […]
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Dixit Sprint Retrospective Game

I was inspired to create a retrospective game for agile teams, based on the game Dixit. Dixit is a game that makes use of picture cards. Each of these cards has an unusual drawing on it. The Agile Learning Labs team used it recently in one of our sprint retrospectives and it worked well. Give […]
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Splitting User Stories with Timeline Analysis

This is the last of five installments in my series on splitting large user stories into smaller user stories. If your scrum team isn’t able to complete a minimum of four user stories every week, then start with the first installment and work your way back to this one. Occasionally, I find a user story […]
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Splitting User Stories with Conjunctions and Connectors

As I described last week, splitting large user stories into smaller user stories has many benefits for the scrum team and the business. We also agreed that before we try to split a user story that we want to write it in the traditional format: As a (type of stakeholder), I want (something), so that, […]
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Agile – From the Product Owner’s Perspective

One of my fellow Certified Scrum Trainers, Henrik Kniberg, created this excellent video that describes agile software development from the point of view of the product owner. I’m really impressed, and I regularly share this with the participants in my Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner workshops. Great job Henrik!
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