Smaller User Stories Podcast

I recently had a conversation with Dave, over at the Mastering Business Analysis podcast, about splitting big user stories down into smaller stories. The interview was a lot of fun and it’s available now. You can get it direct from the Mastering Business Analysis website, or point your podcatcher at one of these links: iTunes […]
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How Can Our Scrum Team Improve Product Quality?

XZ, a participant in a public Certified ScrumMaster workshop that I gave in Beijing last week, asked me how his scrum team could improve their software product’s quality. I thought that the answer would be of general interest, so here it is. Hi Chris, Thank you for giving us the certified scrum master training last […]
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What Does Your Team Need? Girl Power!

By Hillary Johnson Last weekend, Chris and I attended a marvelous event called Dare 2B Digital, aimed at addressing the gender gap in computer science careers, and at which 7th through 10th grade girls got to play at writing code, crafting business plans, and other techie things. We held a session called "Teamstorming," leading a […]
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Do talentless hacks make the best leaders?

Journalism is a lot like software development (or anything else for that matter) in that it's common practice for top performers to eventually move into management, in large part because that also happens to be the path to financial well-being. The worst editors I've ever worked for, and I've worked for a lot in a […]
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What I learned at Startup Weekend SF: Agility is the state of nature

What's a good mother/son spring break activity? Why, going to Startup Weekend and spending 50 hours building a company with ten total strangers. Perfect because my 17 year-old vastly prefers the company of adults to that of other teenagers, and because he's been on the high school treadmill for so long that I thought it […]
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Agile Ontologies: Why the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong

Craig Brown voiced a common concern project folks have in "A Downside of Agile Development?" on his Better Projects blog, writing about his fears for his company's proposed transition to Agile: I use a few online services, and you can tell which ones have adopted the philosophy of incremental product roll-out. Just about every time […]
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What exactly is agile design? Or better yet, what could it be?

Chris just published an article on InfoQ called Refactoring is Not A Substitute for Design about the debate over what role design plays in agile development. The worry is that agile processes shortchange the very principles of good design, because so much of agile happens at the granular level while design is seen as a […]
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The Most Effective Ways to Improve Software Quality at ST&P Conference

Early on the last morning of the Software Test and Performance Conference in Boston, a group of a bout twenty software quality professionals gathered to consider the most basic and practical question of the conference: What are the things that we can do that make the biggest improvements in the quality of our software? The […]
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.NOT Again!

I am finally getting around to doing my taxes. I went out and bought Turbo Tax Home and Business, installed it, and started working. At a certain point in the process, Turbo Tax crashes. Bleh! I fire it back up and try again, same crash same place. I click the “Tell Intuit about this problem” […]
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P-Camp – Agile 101

I spent yesterday at p-camp, an unconference for agile product managers. The event was hosted at Yahoo! and put on by the folks at Enthiosys. I led two sessions: Agile 101, and Why do Agile Projects Succeed (or Fail)? This post is about the Agile 101 session. Watch for future posts about my other session, […]
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