IEEE Offshore Panel Discussion

Today’s engineering managers need to be able to manage projects where some, or even all, of the engineers are located offshore. While the situation is becoming more common, the challenges and opportunities are still not widely understood. On the evening of March 6, the Silicon Valley IEEE Technology Management Council is bringing together 4 panelists, […]
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I occasionally still get calls to do software development. Recently, a potential client indicated that they would like a Windows shell extension created in C#. I’ve never built a shell extension, nor done any C#. Before meeting with the client, I decided I should take an hour or two to see how hard it would […]
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Patterns of Agile Adoption

Mike Cohn has a great article in the Agile Journal in which he describes ‘patterns’ of agile adoption. The basic premise is that there are 3 choices that an organization needs to make about their agile rollout: Small vs. All-In Do we start with a small number of projects or do all our software projects […]
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Joel on Software… Demos

Joel has a good post on doing software demos. High points include: Tell stories! ‘Accidentally’ bump into all the nice little “fit and finish” features of your product If you really want to get serious about doing a great sales demo, check out Peter Cohan.
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Lunch With Joel Spolsky

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in the ‘Multimedia Gulch’ area of San Francisco, having just shared some fine San Francisco Burritos with Joel Spolsky. It’s been a few years since we last chatted, and much has changed. Joel’s company, Fog Creek Software, has more than doubled in size. They have mostly filled their recently expanded […]
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Agile Development Resources

Tonight I’m a guest lecturer at USF Cupertino, thanks to Juan Montermoso. Juan is an instructor as well as being president of Montermoso Associates, a marketing and training consultancy based in Silicon Valley. Tonight’s talk is a subset of the material that I cover in my Agile Overview class. Here are some links for those […]
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Paper Prototyping

LinkedIn has a cool feature that let’s you ask a question of your whole network. This morning, someone in my network asked this question: Tools for visualising interactive prototypes? What do you prefer? Powerpoint, ConceptDraw, Omnigraffle, Flash, Ruby on Rails? We are reviewing the tools we are using to help visualise interactive storyboards and concepts […]
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To Script, or Not to Script?

Catching up on some old blogs, I ran across this. I like Neal’s calculus for figuring out when it is worth scripting a test.
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