Customer Interview For Product Discovery

Conducting customer interviews is a great way to validate, or invalidate, your product idea. Interviewing potential customers is almost always a cheaper and faster way to learn what your customers’ needs are, compared to building the product first and then discovering that you built the wrong thing. Even with an existing product, you can discover […]
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InfoQ: Estimating Business Value

Chris' lastest InfoQ article surveys several other writers' methods for bringing business value to bear on Agile Estimation. Pascal Van Cauwenberghe points out, usefully, that Agile estimation techniques that put the user story first may be putting the cart 10 or 15 degrees askew of the horse: "Pascal proposes that a better starting point is […]
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Meeting Agenda Template

Looking for a good starting place for the agenda for your next meeting? Here is an Excel file that you can use. There is more here than you will likely need for any given meeting, so just remove the extras that you don’t use. At the top you will find: Goal The most important thing […]
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Innovative SWOT

Tonight I will be presenting my SWOT analysis workshop to the East Bay Innovation Group’s Software Development Best Practices SIG. The event is free and they will feed you! When: Tonight at 5:30 PM Where: Communications Technology Cluster 300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94612
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I occasionally still get calls to do software development. Recently, a potential client indicated that they would like a Windows shell extension created in C#. I’ve never built a shell extension, nor done any C#. Before meeting with the client, I decided I should take an hour or two to see how hard it would […]
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Pay for Performance Hard to Get Right

I found this interesting article on the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge site. It examines 13 pay-for-performance programs that various groups in HP tried and dropped. There are lessons to be learned from these experiences. What gets incented gets done, at the expense of the rest of the stuff. Think about the side effects of […]
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My First Week at Geekaplex: Integrating a New Hire

My friend Peter started working at EvilEmpireSoft on the same Monday that I started at Geekaplex. That Friday, over beers, he told me that he had spent most of his first week waiting for his laptop to show up. When it finally showed up, it had an outdated version of the development environment installed which […]
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Paper Prototyping

LinkedIn has a cool feature that let’s you ask a question of your whole network. This morning, someone in my network asked this question: Tools for visualising interactive prototypes? What do you prefer? Powerpoint, ConceptDraw, Omnigraffle, Flash, Ruby on Rails? We are reviewing the tools we are using to help visualise interactive storyboards and concepts […]
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New Business Cards

I wasn’t liking my business cards. So Hillary and I spent a couple of hours on today and came up with something that I like better. What do you think?
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To Script, or Not to Script?

Catching up on some old blogs, I ran across this. I like Neal’s calculus for figuring out when it is worth scripting a test.
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