Managers Support Group – Report

“It’s so great to hear that I’m not the only one dealing with this problem!” said one engineering manager after another had shared a problem they were having getting non-technical upper management to understand the time and complexity issues of software development. The discussion was lively and time ran out long before we had covered […]
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Practice Practice! Practice!!

This coming Tuesday, I’ll be facilitating the first meeting of the Bay Area Agile Managers Support Group. The event will start off with a short workshop focused on one of the key criteria for having successful meetings. Today was the day I practiced the workshop with a live studio audience. Overall, it went well, but […]
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Bay Area Engineering Managers Support Group

You are invited to join the Bay Area Engineering Managers Support Group. Share the adventures and challenges of managing engineers. Each session will start with a short presentation on a topic of interest to technical managers. After that comes a facilitated discussion where participants can share challenges that they are facing and get feedback, ideas, […]
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Mini MBA For Free – Thanks TVC!

I spent yesterday morning with about 30 other entrepreneurs, learning about some real-world legal, HR, and funding issues that startups typically face. The program was one of six that Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) puts on in rotation. The program is free, and they even include a decent continental breakfast! Interestingly, TVC is funded by Lockheed […]
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Too Many Meetings, Bad Ideas

msnbc has a short online survey about workplace meetings. There is no great love for meetings among the respondents. As of today, 81% responded that they have too many meetings and 59% indicated that good ideas rarely come from their meetings. Could it be that “none of us is as dumb as all of us”? […]
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Stop Wasting Time in Meetings!

Super-Saver Sneak Peak Class, May 29th Engineering managers: does your team think meetings are t3h suck?  Join us for a super-saver sneak peak class that will cut the time you and your staff waste in meetings.  This class will show how to decide which meetings are really necessary, and how to make them short and […]
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