Customer Interview For Product Discovery

Conducting customer interviews is a great way to validate, or invalidate, your product idea. Interviewing potential customers is almost always a cheaper and faster way to learn what your customers’ needs are, compared to building the product first and then discovering that you built the wrong thing. Even with an existing product, you can discover […]
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Scrum Retrospectives With Cathy Simpson

Our own Cathy Simpson talks about how to do an agile retrospective with your scrum team in this video. The 5-step retrospective agenda she talks about comes from the book Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great.
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Agile Games at Agile Open Southern California

Our very own Laura Powers recently participated in Agile Open Southern California, where she was interviewed by Scott Dunn. Laura talks about the power of games to help executives understand the changes they need to make in order for their organizations to become more agile. The video was put together by Cliff Rosa of Rosa […]
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How Not To Be a Product Owner

I’m facilitating a certified scrum product owner workshop today. We talked a lot about how to give product requirements guidance to the scrum team. Then I shared this video.
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Agile – From the Product Owner’s Perspective

One of my fellow Certified Scrum Trainers, Henrik Kniberg, created this excellent video that describes agile software development from the point of view of the product owner. I’m really impressed, and I regularly share this with the participants in my Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner workshops. Great job Henrik!
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