This week on InfoQ – Information radiators: Is low-tech really better?

In this week's InfoQ article, Chris covers the debate over high tech vs.low tech toolsets (what Alistair Cockburn refers to as information radiators) for managing agile projects: eg, which is the lesser evil, killing a tree and taping its carcass to the wall one notecard at a time, or clicking through an annoying heirarchical menu […]
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What exactly is agile design? Or better yet, what could it be?

Chris just published an article on InfoQ called Refactoring is Not A Substitute for Design about the debate over what role design plays in agile development. The worry is that agile processes shortchange the very principles of good design, because so much of agile happens at the granular level while design is seen as a […]
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Story-Focused Standups

A widely accepted agile practice is the daily standup meeting, in which each team member shares: What they have done since the previous standup What they expect to achieve by the next Anything that is getting in their way Mike Cohn recently examined variations that shed additional light on the progress being made toward completing […]
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Lean Vs. Agile? No!

In a recent blog post, Martin Fowler explains how the question “Should I use Lean software development instead of Agile?” is based on a false premise. Agile and lean are so deeply interwoven that if you are doing agile you are doing lean, and vice-versa. It inspired me to write this article for InfoQ.
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The Great Agile Spec Showdown!

Agile evangelists claim that extensive written requirements and specifications can be dispensed with in favor of lighter-weight ‘stories’. It sounds easier, certainly, but can it really be as good? Won’t all of the important details get lost? Join the Engineering Managers Support Group as we stage a participatory showdown between traditional and agile specs. May […]
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What Makes Distributed Agile Teams Succeed – At Agile2008

Greetings from Agile2008 in Toronto! To say that I have been overwhelmed by the conference would be an understatement. With 1600+ agile folks here, I am constantly running into old friends, people that I met at previous conferences, and my agile heros. The sheer volume of knowledge and expertise that is being shared is beyond […]
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What Makes Agile Projects Succeed at Dr. Dobb’s

Monday evening more that 40 people turned up at a ‘Birds of a Feather’ gathering to consider “What makes agile projects succeed (or Fail)?” as part of Dr. Dobb’s Architecture and Design World in Chicago. In 90 minutes the group generated, discussed, and ranked about 40 different answers to this question, while enjoying some pizza […]
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Agile Coach Camp on InfoQ

Greetings, InfoQ just published this article, which I wrote about AgileCoachCamp. Cheers, Chris
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The Power of Self-Organizing Teams

Greetings, A lot of attention has been focused on the power of self-organizing agile teams. This power is the foundation upon which Scrum, the most widely adopted agile methodology, is built. Is it hype or is there something there? This month, the Bay Area Engineering Managers Suport Group will experience how a group can self-organize […]
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Intro to Extreme Programming

This past Wednesday, I presented a 45-minute introduction to Extreme Programming (XP) to the Project Management and Program Management Special Interest Group, who meet every week Cupertino. The group was lively and full of questions. I especially enjoyed the chance to discuss XP, as that is where I got my start doing agile software development, […]
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